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Nia Wyn Interiors - Our Story

Welcome to our first blog! It only seems right that we use this as an occasion to introduce Nia Wyn Interiors and share our story, from creating bespoke curtains and blinds to launching our brand new store for home interior shopping online.

Specialists in Welsh interiors

We are a long-established interior business, originally specialising in bespoke Roman blinds and made-to-measure curtains. Over the years, we have worked with a fantastic range of clients to design unique soft furnishings, working to understand a vision and breathe new life into homes and properties across North Wales.

Our reputation is based on our knowledge, experience and high-quality work. You will always receive friendly and professional service as we create unique soft furnishings in line with your exact requirements. Find out more about our custom-made service available across North Wales.

Handmade Luxury Sofa Cushions

With our love for high-quality fabrics and contemporary designs, we also specialise in creating luxury sofa cushions. All are handmade by our team at Nia Wyn Interiors. Our designs take inspiration from all around us, whether that be the blue and white hues of the Welsh coast or vibrant colours to match the changing seasons. You will also spot some designer fabrics within the collection!

We believe that small changes to your interiors can make a huge impact - you don’t have to revamp an entire room to see a difference. Why not spruce up your favourite armchair with some new scatter cushions in a bold fabric? Or make your bedroom feel extra special with sumptuous bed cushions in a selection of complementary textiles?

If you are looking for bespoke cushion designs that perfectly match your home interiors, then why not book an appointment at our store to discuss your ideas?

Vintage furniture shopping at our store in North Wales

In 2013, we decided to open our very own store in Bodorgan, Anglesey. Not only is this a place to showcase our handmade cushions, but it has also allowed us to explore another passion; the world of being antique furniture sellers.

Our Founder, Nia Wyn has always had a love for vintage and antique furniture. It all started during childhood when Nia would visit her Grandparents’ house and be tempted by all the antique china and trinkets in their magical, glass-fronted dresser. Always fascinated by the stories behind them and where they came from.

Nia Wyn Interiors is now the home of vintage furniture shopping in North Wales. Inside our store, you will find a plethora of handpicked antique chairs that will add style and character to the cosy corner of your home. Our antique and vintage furniture collection is also available to browse on our website for home interior shopping online.

Our store in Angelsey is open Wednesday to Friday from 10 am - 4 pm and Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm. If you are ever in the area, please pop in and visit! There are lots of other homely treasures to tickle your fancy, including mirrors, tables, lamps and much more - all the finishing touches to make your living space feel complete.


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