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Discover our vintage and antique furniture collection

Antique and vintage furniture shopping is a passion for many. There is something about choosing an antique piece that feels rather special; it feels unique.

Does it have a story? What is its history? Does it hold family memories of time gone by?

My passion for antiques and Welsh home decor began when I was very young during visits to my grandparents’ house. They had the most beautiful glass-fronted cabinet, filled to the brim with an array of antique trinkets and ornaments. I thought maybe one day I might start my own collection.

Our love for vintage furniture shopping

Our luxury, handmade cushion and furniture shop in Anglesey has allowed us to fulfil this love for all things vintage, especially chairs.

Why chairs? Aside from being functional (we all need extra seating from time to time), they make great statement pieces. From stand-out features and unique shapes to wonderful upholstery and intricate detailing, it will catch the eye of any onlooker. For most collectors or interior design enthusiasts, antique chairs are chosen for more than practicality. They spark joy and become the centrepiece of any living space.

Pieces available from our antique furniture shop in Anglesey

At Nia Wyn Interiors, our antique furniture sellers have handpicked our entire collection, so you can have the choice of beautiful pieces - browse online or at our home interior shop in North Wales. Below are a few of our favourites!

American Oak and Ash Comb Back Chair

This American Oak and Ash Comb Back Chair is simple but wonderfully aesthetic. Crafted from a combination of oak and ash, it has a rich colour that will bring a feeling of warmth to a room. Style and elegance balance out the durability of the natural wood with the delegate comb-inspired design featured down the spine of the chair. This would be a welcome addition to a lonely corner, partnered with a side table to hold a vase of your favourite flowers.

Reupholstered Mid-Century Style Chair

This mid-century style Chair would be right at home within a contemporary living space. It has been reupholstered in a monochrome, patterned designer fabric, which would look fabulous against a bright backdrop or feature wall. The cushions have new foam inners for ultimate comfort. 

Antique Farmhouse Ladder Back Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are commonly associated with parenting, creating soothing motions back and forth to bring calm and relaxation. Aside from their practical nature, they are the epitome of an accent chair and become the focal point of the room. 

This beautiful antique rocking chair has low-swept arms and the ladder back has been carefully crafted with a graceful curved design. It is made from dark wood, which would be complemented by a plump cushion in a luxurious fabric for style and comfort.

Browse Welsh Home Decor, Cushions and Furniture

We have a wonderful selection of luxury cushions available to purchase from our online home interior shop, as well as antique and vintage furniture to browse. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of our chairs, please get in touch via our contact form to enquire - we would be delighted to help! 


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